Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Veggie Tales "The Little House That Stood" DVD

"Veggie Tales: The Little House That Stood"
Release Day - Tuesday, March 5th 2013

About The Little House That Stood

When the Three Little Pigs roll into Cabbageville looking to build some new houses, they meet one builder with a plan and two without a clue! Larry builds with hay, Mr. Lunt with bricks, but only Bob builds his houses on a firm foundation - following the wise plans from the Master Builder's Handbook! Will the Little Piggies make the right choices when it comes to building their houses - and their lives - on solid ground? Find out in this parable that shows kids when they follow God's blueprints, then can stand strong when the storms come! 


I got this movie from FlyPropeller and was asked to watch it and give my opinion.  My son is 12, but I feel he still loves Veggie Tales, as I myself seem to love them more.  The stories are always great, even for older kids (that includes adults ha/ha).  It made me wonder how many of the good old Mother Goose stories we knew as kids could somehow have biblical insight to them.  I remember hearing the story about the "Partridge in a Pear Tree" song at Christmas and what that truly meant, do any of the nursery ryhmes we know have any meaning like that, too?  If not, than Three Little Pigs will forever now have a new meaning to me after watching this movie.  I love knowing that with God in my life, I now have that firm foundation that I don't need to worry about floating away in the storms!!  

Great movie and good for all ages.  Thanks Hope at FlyPropeller for letting me be a part of this!!

Go here for a great coloring page to go with the movie:
Veggie Tales Coloring Page

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