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Stand 4 Your Kids With Prayer!

I got this book from Booksneeze to read and blog about.  I didn't know for sure what would be in it and didn't know if I had what it took to be a "Prayer Warrior Mom".  I learned so much and God is using this book to help me change parts of how I parent and be able to rely on Him for things I don't feel I can do.

Some parts of this book that really stood out for me were, when the author asked a friend about what she learned going through a difficult experience and she told her, "Don't dread the difficult times.  Take them and say, 'Thank You, Lord, that You count me worthy to learn more about You through desperate situations.'  Now isn't that something we can all learn from?  Take the negative and flip it over to good!!  

Another quote given by Pastor Tony Evans was "You don't know that Jesus is all you need, until Jesus is all you have".  Wow!!  I so wish more people would start to follow Him earlier and not wait until they feel that is the last resort!

Another great part of the book is when the author asks her Mom how she made it through a hard trial.  Her Mom answers her saying, " When trials touch my life, I know there's a reason.  I may not know what the reason is, but God does.  So I don't ask, 'Why?' I ask, 'How, Lord? How can I make it through this? What should be my first step?'  Too many times, we ask "Why?" and not "What Now?"  We need to lean on the Lord and know He is there for us through any situation!!

Those who don't know the Lord and worry about how they will prove themselves to Him always wonder if they are doing enough.  A great quote in the book that I treasure in my heart is one based on Ephesians 2:8-9 and it says "Our good works do not "earn" us salvation, eternal life, or a place in heaven.  Only our acceptance of God's grace and salvation through Jesus Christ can do that."  Amen to that, I am so thankful that the Lord came into my life and saved me from this world.  I can't wait for the day to hear "Well done, good and faithful servant - enter in to the joy of the Lord"!!

So as we continue to live on this earth, waiting for the Lord to call us home, I will continue to be a warrior for my son, Dylan, my family, friends and for Him by being a "Prayer Warrior Mom"!

About the Book

Moms, are you struggling with patience? Worrying about your children’s spiritual development? Concerned about their social or behavioral issues? Wondering how to get it all done when there’s just never enough time? Author Marla Alupoaicei knows that today’s Christian moms want to be the parents God intended. They desire to pray boldly and stand in the gap for their kids. But many mothers haven’t been equipped with the prayer skills, scriptural knowledge, and practical strategies to fight the spiritual battle for themselves and their children. Marla is no stranger to these trials. She has felt the simmering frustration and discontentment that come from the constant tension of trying to do it all for her family. But as Marla began to turn everything over to God in prayer, He granted her an attitude of gratitude, the antidote to despair. “When you and I choose to praise the Lord, He will be fully present in our hearts, in our homes, and with our children,” she says. In Prayer Warrior Mom, Marla invites you to walk with her through fifteen life-transforming principles that will empower you to effectively intercede for your children. Learn to cultivate your own attitude of gratitude, pray Scripture, be persistent, pray with power and authority, be your children’s #1 advocate, hear God’s voice above the noise of daily life, and much more! “The only real power we have on this earth is the power of prayer. Our potent prayers for our kids connect them with the reality of God and His will for their lives,” Marla says. Mom, this is your year. Your year of spiritual breakthrough. Your year to see your children start loving God and living for Him. What are you waiting for? Become a Prayer Warrior Mom today!

About the Author

Marla Alupoaicei is an author and speaker with a heart for couples and moms. She and her husband founded Leap of Faith, which ministers to couples around the globe. In her spare time, Marla enjoys art and photography, cooking, dancing, and playing the piano and violin.


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