Thursday, September 26, 2013

Button Bugs Craft (#TBCCrafters) - 09/26/13


Well, this week is crazy, so I just had to do something simple and easy - hope you don't mind.  Coming up on Friday is the "Cavalcade of Cars" up here in Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ and, I think, my favorite time of year!!  A bunch of oldies that are up here for the "Run to the Pines" car show all get together and cruise our main road all the way to Hon-Dah Casino and have a classic cruise night.  It's the most fun event of the fall....well EVER!! Almost everyone in our small town gets together and sits on the side of the road to enjoy the cruise, and the candy that we through out from our classics.  Living in a small town can be awesome at times like this, when you see a whole community come together for an event.  I love it!!

Here's my "Cruiser":

With this event coming up, my Mom is flying out from Oregon, to be a part of it with us.  I CAN'T WAIT!! and we're going to have a great time.  With all of this coming up and happening, I only had a few minutes early in the week to put this together.  Hope you like it!!

"Button Bugs" Craft
Materials Needed:
  • Plastic Buttons
  • Craft Wire (Different Colors)
  • Ruler
  • Wire Clippers
  • Glue Gun
  • Wiggly Eyes
  • & Time


Begin by cutting your "antennae" wire in 3" sections.  You'll need one (1) of these for every creature you're going to make.

Next, cut pieces that are going to be the "feet" in 2.5" sections.  You'll need three (3) of these for every creature you're going to make.

Take one of the 3" sections and thread through the eyes of the button.

Twist them tight and then fold up and over the front to resemble "antennae".

Put a dot of glue near the holes to adhere the "legs" to the bottom.

Now attach the (3) 2.5" pieces onto the glue spot, making sure to cover the pieces in glue, so that they will not fall off.

Using your fingers, or pliers, bend each of the ends of the "legs" down, so that they will be able to be stood up.  Try and bend them apart as well to have space between each of them.

Now you can glue on your eyes.  Just put a small dot on each side of where your antennae go up and attach them onto the front of the button.

Next, you can bend the tips of the antennae however you wish it to look.

Now you can hide them or display them wherever you wish.  Cute little friends for planters or shelves.  Hope you like them!!

"I know every bird in the mountains, and the insects in the fields are mine." -Psalm 50:11

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  1. Oh my gosh! I love these little critters! I am going to try these as spiders for halloween! Just gotta get me some black buttons! Thanks for sharing! Pinned and Tweeted!

    1. Great idea, Dawn - I never thought of that!! I think I would use larger buttons and thicker wire in the future, this thin stuff was pain! :)

  2. Oh how absolutely adorable those are!

  3. How cute! There's so many cute ways to incorporate this into different holidays and events. I love it!

  4. These are so stinkin cute! Sometimes the simplest crafts are the best.

  5. These are cute, I am looking for some black buttons and make spiders for Halloween.

  6. I must have been in the outskirts of my mind to miss and overlook this adorable little bug! I LOVE THIS!!!


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